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September 6, 2007

That was went through my head when I saw this post at Kissing Suzy Kolber previewing the Dallas Cowboys.  Apparently the author hates Louuuuuuuuu for a perfectly justifiable reason:

Lousaka Polite once cut in front of me at The O. It’s no wonder the Cowboys cut him the other day.

Oh and Lou’s picture graces the post…the same picture we used for his headshot in our banner above (bottom-right-ish).

That’s all…just was surprised to see Lou’s picture on another blog, especially on a post previewing a team he doesn’t even play for anymore.


Palko finishes Senior Bowl Practices

January 26, 2007

Senior Bowl practices have finished, all that is left is playing the game Saturday. Be sure to check back Sunday for some video of Palko, who is third in the rotation behind Troy Smith and Drew Stanton:

“He’ll (Troy Smith) give way to Drew Stanton (Michigan State), and Tyler Palko (Pitt) will be third in our rotation. We are going to play all three to get a look at all three men.”

Fox Sports has an in-depth review of the quarterbacks from the week’s practice, and they don’t have much good to say about Tyler:

Tyler Palko, Pitt — Not big, not fast, average arm. He doesn’t have the raw measurables compared to the other prospects. Simply put, this week showed he can’t throw at an NFL level and might not be more than a backup.

I think we all knew going in that Tyler didn’t have the typical NFL QB build or arm strength, he’s more of an “intangibles” guy…leadership, heart, football IQ, etc…but this still isn’t encouraging. A lot of great QBs (Tom Brady, anyone?) have come out of nowhere in late rounds of the draft, and that’s where it looks like Tyler will get his call. Here’s hoping he can have half the career Brady has put together.


Great Blue North has a great wrapup of the practices up for each position, and has this to say about Palko:

Jordan Palmer of UTEP and Tyler Palko of Pitt looked more like fre-agent types, although some team is sure to take a late-round chance on Palmer’s size, arm strength and blood lines.

So maybe the late-round pick we spoke of earlier isn’t as likely as we thought.

Senior Bowl Practice Update, Palko and Blades

January 25, 2007

Tyler Senior Bowl

Checking around the internets to get some notes on yesetrday’s Senior Bowl Practices…

Tyler Palko

From, who had Tyler in a group of players being downgraded after practice Wednesday:

2 QBs/2 WRs

Tyler Palko threw the first ball with any zip to David Clowney in the corner of the end zone, followed by another strike to Brandon Myles who made a nice catch on a skinny post. Palko also struggled with accuracy.

Tony Hunt did a nice job reeling in a ball thrown over his head by Tyler Palko, who then sailed another ball out of bounds.

1-on-1 WR/DB

Aaron Rouse picked off a Tyler Palko throw intended for Aundrae Allison. Tanard Jackson looked good throughout practice, had a nice play to break up a Palko pass.

9-on-11 (no WRs)

More fumbled snaps, this time from Tyler Palko with Brian Leonard at tailback.

Other notables

In the red zone drills, Eric Weddle had a nice INT on a Tyler Palko pass. doesn’t go into as much detail, but seems to have the same feeling after Tyler’s Practice:

Struggling early out of the gate is Pitt QB Tyler Palko who has the athleticism but is having a hard time with mechanics and ability to hit targets.

HB Blades

It’s a little harder to find practice reports mentioning Blades. Apparently he left practice for a pretty large amount of time Wednesday with an arm or shoulder injury, but did return to practice later on.

Scout does have this from Thursday’s morning practice though:

Again- is able to stay on his feet and get to the play but really shows limited speed to the flanks. Beaten on several occasions to the sidelines on running plays.