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First Cuts: Postell, Jemison and Ramon Walker released

August 29, 2006

The first cuts of the presason will be made official today, and three more Panthers are going to be camp casualties.  This brings the total cut in this round to four. We reported last week that Matt Morgan was released by Buffalo in anticipation of these cuts. We also reported yesterday that Malcom Postell was cut by the Steelers.

Two more are on the block today, these will be made official later in the day.

Mike Jemison will be cut by the Giants, per the Journal News and

The cut to 75 will be made official today, but it is believed running back Mike Jemison was added to the list of 13 others Tom Coughlin made Sunday.

The Giants did not announce their first cuts yesterday, but RB Mike Jemison was not at practice. He is likely the 14th player released in addition to a group of 13 players absent from Sunday’s practice

Ramon Walker was also release by the Texans according to The Houston Chronicle:

Receiver Derick Armstrong and safety Ramon Walker, two backup players with a combined seven years of experience with the Texans, were among the 13 players who were placed on waivers Monday.

Ramon Walker was a fifth-round pick in the Texans’ first draft.


Sunday NFL Roundup

August 28, 2006

Only one game in the NFL last night, but it featured a starting rookie Panther…

Houston 14
Denver 17

Charles Spencer started at left tackle for Houston. Because of the Emmy’s I don’t think this game was on tv except maybe in Houston and Denver. I am in neither of those places, so I did not see the game. Spencer did pick up a holding penalty in the second quarter.

Ramon Walker made his first appearance of the preseason, but I am not sure if it was on special teams only or if he was in the defensive backfield late as well. I’ll try to find out.

Saturday NFL Roundup

August 20, 2006

Nick Goings

Saturday was a busy night for Panthers around the league…some trying to stay on the team for another round of cuts, some just trying to get in a little work and not get injured and some in between. Highlights of the night were Charles Spencer starting his first game for the Texans and Nick Goings scoring a touchdown.

I haven’t been able to see the game film of any of these games, so these updates are all from wire reports and articles around the net. I should be able to see some games as they replay on the NFL network this week though.

Miami 13
Tampa Bay 10

Dave Moore did not play as a tight end, but got in five long snaps on punts and field goals. This is how he will make this team, not because of his tight end skills.
Torrie Cox had three total tackles, all in the first half. Seemed to play a good bit in the first half and not at all in the second. Cox did pick up a defensive holding penalty on the Dolphin’s last drive of the first half. The penalty was on a third and two to keep Miami’s drive alive that eventually ended in a field goal before the half.

Carolina 17
Jacksonville 10

Nick Goings did not start but picked up three first half carries for 22 yards and a two yard touchdown. He started the night off with a 19 yard run up the middle. On the kickoff following his score, Goings made the tackle but was also offsides. Maybe a little too excited over a preseason touchdown.

Minnesota 17
Pittsburgh 10

Malcolm Postell did get into the game but made no tackles or any plays of note.

Houston 27
St. Louis 20

As reported here on Panthers in the Pros earlier this week, Charles Spencer started at left tackle for the Houston Texans Saturday night. I haven’t seen the film yet, I will tomorrow I believe, but the only thing of note so far is that Charles picked up a false start penalty on a third and five in the first quarter and Houston did not convert on the following third and ten. Probably some first start jitters for big Charles.
Ramon Walker was not active for the game. I’m not sure if he was hurt or not, I will look into this though. All I can find out so far is that he was not practicing this week, so I am assuming he has some sort of injury. The notes section I picked that up out of though said that Kubiak was not concerned about his injury or him not practicing.

Arizona 3
New England 30

Larry Fitzgerald played the first quarter with the starters and had one reception for 26 yards. Fitz also picked up a tackle on a deep pass intended for him that was intercepted. He also had a 16 yard catch called back on a holding penalty
Gerald Hayes matched Larry’s tackle output with one tackle, and also got a personal foul facemask on a touchdown run by Corey Dillon. Hayes did not start at MLB.

Tennessee 10
Denver 35

Brandon Miree did play in the game but got no carries and no penalties. If I see the film from this game later in the week I’ll update if there is anything of note. Not sure yet if Miree was playing FB as he is listed on the depth chart or HB.

Another note
I should be able to start uploading videos in the next week or so, so look for videos of all of these panthers here soon.

Friday NFL Roundup

August 19, 2006

Not much action last night in the way of Panther alumni with only two seeing playing time.

In Cleveland’s win over Detroit Darnell Dinkins did play but did not have a pass thrown his way while he was in the game.

Rueben Brown started against the Chargers, but had an uneventful night. That’s usually a good thing for an offensive lineman. I couldn’t watch the game so I can’t really say how he played other than he didn’t get flagged for any penalties.

Saturday’s games will bring us a lot more to watch with six games featuring Panthers. Here’s a preview of tonight’s action, since Friday was so uneventful:

Miami @ Tampa Bay
Torrie Cox plays to keep his spot in the nickel and dime defenses. He is currently second on the depth chart at left cornerback.
Dave Moore, 15 year vet, is probably secure as the Bucs’ third tight end because he also has been holding down the long snapping duties.

Carolina @ Jacksonville
Nick Goings is currently listed second at fullback on the depth chart. That’s not a good thing, as most teams keep only one FB, and Nick really is a HB not a FB. Hopefully he can play his way out of this tonight.

Houston @ St Louis
Charles Spencer is trying to take over the starting role from four-year vet Seth Wand.
Ramon Walker has a hole to dig himself out of. He is currently listed as fourth on the depth chart at strong safety, and is basically trying to avoid being in the first round of cuts.

Arizona @ New England
The Pitt players in this game are more than safe, and both should be starting when the season begins.
Larry Fitzgerald is a Pro Bowler, and Gerald Hayes will almost certainly be starting at MLB for the Cardinals this year.

Tennessee @ Denver
Another Panther looking to avoid a cut, Brandon Miree is currently third on the depth chart at FB. Another HB at a FB spot is not a good sign, and Brandon is trying to avoid the series of cuts.

Minnesota @ Pittsburgh
Unless you have NFL network or live outside of the Pittsburgh area, Malcolm Postell might be your only chance to see a former Panther in action tonight. Malcolm is probably buried on the depth chart at left outside linebacker for the Steelers, who do not release an official depth chart until the season begins. Most people believe Malcolm is playing to avoid being cut. When your team doesn’t even bother taking a picture for your bio on their official website, that could be a bad sign.

Check back Sunday morning for the Saturday NFL Roundup.

Saturday NFL Roundup

August 14, 2006

Larry stretches for a first downThere were several Pitt alumni in action on Saturday. I, of course, was watching the Steelers – Cardinals game which featured Larry Fitzgerald and Gerald Hayes on the Cardinals. Larry was his usual all-pro self early with some big 3rd down catches, and finished with 2 catches for 33 yards. Hayes was surprising Cardinals fans on some message boards I visited as he led the team in tackles with 7, had an interception and forced a fumble.

Nick Goings was in the game for Carolina, but got no carries.

Kris Wilson had a catch for 6 yards in the KC – Houston Game. Charles Spencer played but did not start and was flagged for an illegal formation penalty. Ramon Walker did not play.

Josh Lay played but did not start for New Orleans in their game against the Titans and finished with one tackle.

Lousaka Polite had 2 catches for 9 yards. He didn’t start only because the Cowboys don’t start a FB, he is the only FB on their roster. Lou also picked up a penalty for interfering with a punt returner’s ability to catch a punt. Rob Petitti did not start at tackle.