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Rumors…and an apology

September 8, 2007

Let’s start with an apology. Sorry to Tyler Palko for missing his big move on Thursday. I was writing this article on who was still on NFL teams while he was being moved up to the 53 man roster of the Saints. I listed him as on the Practice Squad, but he was on his way up to the 3rd QB spot that night against the Colts. So Congrats to Tyler, even if it’s a little late.

As for the rumor, there seems to be a lot of talk going around that the Cowboys are looking for another wide receiver especially with Terry Glenn still hobbling around. One of the main names that seems to keep coming up in these discussions is former Cowboy Antonio Bryant. One thing that could hurt Bryant though is that he’d have to serve a two game suspension that is still pending when he gets back.

Just one other small thing, Lousaka Polite gets a mention in the Chicago Tribune in a notes column about being the newest Bear:

Fullback Lousaka Polite,whom the Bears signed to the 53-man roster this week, has blended in without much fanfare—not that he was expecting any.

“It’s a relief, considering I just got released [by Dallas] a couple of days before,” Polite said.

“I like the vibe. I like the team. I can’t wait to do my best to help out.”

Polite isn’t totally unfamiliar with the Bears. He has had numerous phone conversations with starting fullback Jason McKie because both have the same marketing agent.



September 6, 2007

That was went through my head when I saw this post at Kissing Suzy Kolber previewing the Dallas Cowboys.  Apparently the author hates Louuuuuuuuu for a perfectly justifiable reason:

Lousaka Polite once cut in front of me at The O. It’s no wonder the Cowboys cut him the other day.

Oh and Lou’s picture graces the post…the same picture we used for his headshot in our banner above (bottom-right-ish).

That’s all…just was surprised to see Lou’s picture on another blog, especially on a post previewing a team he doesn’t even play for anymore.

Sunday NFL Roundup

October 2, 2006

Eight games with former Panthers on the field yesterday, so let’s get right to it:

New Orleans 18
Carolina 21

Nick Goings did play, coming back from his thigh injury, but didn’t get much action. He did get a holding call in the 4th quarter. His biggest play of the game was probably his recovery of an onside kick with less than two minutes left with New Orleans trying to get a chance to tie the game.

Dallas 45
Tennessee 14

Another fullback not seeing much action was

Arizona 10
Atlanta 32

Larry Fitzgerald
Gerald Hayes

Indianapolis 31
New York Jets 28

Kevan Barlow

San Francisco 0
Kansas City 41

Antonio Bryant was part of the overwhelmed San Fran offense, finishing with only two catches for 29 yards on the day. I can’t imagine the loss of Vernon Smith really hurt SF this much, maybe it was just an off day…at least AB and company had better hope so.
Shawntae Spencer
One guy who is always busy when his team gets blown out is the punter.

For KC, Kris Wilson’s only true action was a tackle on a kickoff. KC probably wasn’t throwing the ball much late, but if you can’t get a touch when your team puts up 41 points…that’s probably not a good sign.

Cleveland 24
Oakland 21

Darnell Dinkins

New England 38
Cincinnati 13

Hank Poteat
Seattle 6
Chicago 37

Ruben Brown

Sunday NFL Roundup

September 20, 2006

On Wednesday…had some problems getting to a working computer the last few days, but better late than never I guess. Without any byes, the NFL still has a full slate and lots of Panthers in action:

Houston 24
Indianapolis 43

Charles Spencer had a tough assignment in his second NFL start. Not only was he in one of the loudest buildings in all of football, he was lining up against Dwight Freeney. Things seemed to be going pretty well for Spencer though. The Texans were averaging over 4 yards per carry on the day, Freeney had only one tackle and no sacks…and then the Texans got the ball for their first drive in the 3rd quarter. Spencer went down and his return was “questionable”. Turned out he had broken his leg and was done for quite a while. I’ll have more on this in a story later this morning.

Tampa Bay 3
Atlanta 14

Torrie Cox had an up and down day for the Bucs Sunday. He ended up with four total tackles, one on special teams, and was in on a play that led to a fumble that gave Tampa the ball in good field position although he wasn’t credited with the forced fumble. After playing pretty well in pass coverage most of the day he was flagged for illegal contact that kept an Atlanta drive alive, but they ended up missing a field goal so no real harm was done.
Dave Moore did not play because of his rib injury.

Arizona 10
Seattle 21

Larry Fitzgerald had a rare game with under 100 yards receiving Sunday, finishing with only four receptions for 52 yards. Seattle’s defense did a great job of covering down the field with their zone defenses. Running back Edgerrin James was the Cards‘ leading receiver.
Gerald Hayes had a much better day, finishing with only four tackles but he also intercepted a Matt Hasselback pass when the Seahwaks were driving to score again before the half. Unfortunately Neil Rackers missed the field goal before the half that would have given Arizona more momentum going into the half.

St Louis 13
San Francisco 20

Antonio Bryant had the game winning score on a 72 yard touchdown pass that I should have video of posted soon. That capped a four catch, 131 yard day for Bryant, who had been frustrated again in the first quarter with his lack of catches. More on that later today as well.
Shawntae Spencer started in his usual spot at left corner and his hamstring seems to be completely healed. He ended with four tackles and one pass defensed.
Andy Lee‘s job as the 49er punter isn’t as busy this year as it was last year, but he still had four punts Sunday, putting two inside the 20 yard line. The other two were from inside his own 30, and went 54 and 46 yards. He also held on all San Fran field goal and extra point attempts as usual.

New England 24
New York Jets 17

Kevan Barlow did not start as we thought he might on Sunday, but he did get more than twice the carries of starter Derrick Blaylock. Barlow finished with 14 carries for 42 yards and one catch for four yards. I should have some video of Kevan up tomorrow.
Washington 10
Dallas 27

Lou Polite had a quiet day, as most days are for fullbacks in Bill Parcell’s offenses. Bledsoe threw incomplete to Polite twice, and the rest of the day was all blocking for Lou and they don’t put that in the papers.

Kansas City 6
Denver 9

Kris Wilson got in the game but had no passes thrown his way again in a defensive game.

Rob Pettiti was inactive for the Saints.
Nick Goings was inactive for the Panthers.
Darnell Dinkins was out with a hamstring for the Browns.

Final Cuts – Petitti, Miree, Lay, Jemison

September 3, 2006

Four former Panthers couldn’t make the final cut as NFL teams got down to their final 53-man rosters:

Rob Petitti, who started all 16 games last season and throughout training camp was looked at as a swing tackle, was let go by the Cowboys Saturday:

Rob Petitti played every offensive snap as a rookie last season for the Dallas Cowboys. The offensive right tackle won’t even be on the roster this season.

Even though Petitti started every game last season, it seemed that he would be a “swing” tackle this season, a player able to start or back up on either side. Nine-year veteran Jason Fabini, signed during the offseason, or Marc Columbo will start at right tackle.

Petitti could have also been undone by the emergence of rookie tackle Pat McQuistan, a seventh-round pick from Weber State. McQuistan got extended time in the preseason because of two-time Pro Bowl tackle Flozell Adams’ calf injury and impressed Parcells.

What is sort of surprising about this whole thing is Dallas hasn’t even named a starting right tackle, and I’m not sure either one of the remaining candidates can back up the left tackle, and Adams is old…that could be bad. Parcells seemed determined to only keep three tackles though, and he seemed to keep the best three regardeless of which position they could or couldn’t play. I’m sure Rob will catch on with someone.

Brandon Miree was also released by Denver with little fanfare. Brandon’s shot to make this team was really at fullback, but he just didn’t play well enough and most teams don’t keep multible fb’s.

Josh Lay was cut by the Saints on Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make a team’s practice squad, possibly the Saints. Josh was beaten out for the final spot in the secondary by Anwar Phillips, former Penn State Nittany Lion.

Mike Jemison was actually cut by the Giants. We’re positive this time. Jemison most likely will make the Giants practice squad if he clears waivers though.

News Roundup…Goings, Dinkins, Polite, Hayes, Moore

September 1, 2006

Just a quick glance around the web after most teams have had their final preseason game last night:

Nick Goings is a lock to make the Panthers, but if it was possible to hurt himself in that regard, he probably did it last night:

Nick Goings’ stock dropped a little, but he is still a lock to make the cut. Goings was at fault on a Jake Delhomme sack, missing the blitz read and not picking up and blocking the cornerback. The cornerback went untouched to Delhomme.

Nick also got no carries until the 4th quarter, and fumbled on his final carry of the night. All this being said though, Nick will make the Panthers. How much he’s used once the real games begin is probably going to change game to game depending on the matchups, running back health and the score.

Darnell Dinkins could be a final cut according to Pro Football Critics‘ rundown of the Browns position by position:

Tight Ends: Winslow has been relatively quiet in the preseason, so there’s no need for the Browns to exploit the playbook now. Steve Heiden will probably play most of the game at the tight end position, since he’s used to playing full games during the regular season after the past couple of seasons. Although Dinkins had solid credentials as a special teams player coming in, he could be a surprise cut if the coaches want to keep Frisman Jackson or McIntyre instead.

Lou Polite is mentioned as an “if” for the final roster in a column on the Cowboys’ official site. This is also the first time I’ve ever seen him mentioned as a tight end, so take it for what it’s worth:

Another player in the mix here is fullback Lousaka Polite, who can also play the H-back, tight-end spot in short-yardage situations. Keeping Polite would probably allow the Cowboys to hold just three tight ends on the 53-man roster.

Would be interesting to see him line up as a tight end. As of this morning according to My San Antonio Lou’s battle just got one player easier, as the Cowboys traded a tight end:

Tight end Sean Ryan was traded to the New York Jets for a seventh-round pick in 2007. Ryan, a fifth-round pick in 2004, was battling Tony Curtis and Lousaka Polite for a roster spot.

Gerald Hayes gets some praise on‘s game blog:

Gerald Hayes will most likely continue to show why he deserves to be a starter. Hayes has been blowing it up in the middle and his downhill pursuit is scary good.

Finally, Dave Moore‘s situation could have gotten worse overnight. He was probably a lock to make the team because of his long-snapping abilities, but the Bucs traded to get tight end Doug Jolley:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers officials didn’t simply sit around their rooms at the team hotel in Houston on Thursday afternoon as they waited for the team’s preseason finale.

They took time to conduct some business as they traded an undisclosed draft pick to the New York Jets for fifth-year veteran tight end Doug Jolley. The 6-foot-4, 250-pounder was originally a second-round draft choice of the Oakland Raiders in 2002.

To make room for Jolley on the roster, the Bucs released massive offensive tackle Sam Lightbody.

Jolley has 119 NFL career receptions for 1,296 yards and six touchdowns. He joins Alex Smith, Anthony Becht and 15-year veteran Dave Moore in the mix at tight end. Moore’s primary duty for the Bucs is doing the long snapping.

The fact that they already released someone else to make room for Jolley is good, but there is no way that they can keep four tight ends. Hopefully Dave’s long snapping is enough to keep him on the squad.

Thursday NFL Roundup

September 1, 2006

Seven games on the preseason NFL slate last night featured former Panthers, thank goodness the preseason is almost over…

New England 23
New York Giants 31

Mike Jemison might not have helped his case to make the Giants last night. He didn’t get in the game until the 4th quarter, which is a bad sign when almost no starters are playing, and got nine carries almost in a row. Those nine carries went for 22 yards, only a 2.4 average. That was the good part though, as he fumbled on his final carry and didn’t get another opportunity. To be fair to Mike the Giants only had time for one more rushing play in the game, but it wasn’t with Jemison. Check back for roster news in the next week, as there will be plenty of moves.

Carolina 15
Pittsburgh 13

Nick Goings was the only former Panther in this game, and most likely already had a roster spot locked up going into last night. He finished with only four yards on five carries, but did get two receptions for ten yards and one tackle on special teams. More on Nick later today.

Minnesota 10
Dallas 10

Lousaka Polite had a pretty uneventful night, a few passes thrown to him were all incomplete, but he did assist on a tackle on special teams. His play on special teams and his versatility out of the backfield is helping him make this team more than his ability to block as a fullback it seems. Parcells just doesn’t seem to use a fullback in the traditional role much.
Rob Petitti did play, but I haven’t searched around the web yet to get how much he played or if it was at right or left tackle. This was a big game for Rob and I should have some more info later on today.

Chicago 20
Cleveland 7

Ruben Brown started for the Bears, which is somewhat surprising in the final preseason game. I’m assuming he played only one series as there is basically no info on anything he did in the game.

Darnell Dinkins had three receptions for 27 yards, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. He should be a lock to make the team as of today.

Tampa Bay 13
Houston 16

Torrie Cox did not play in this game, which could be a good sign for him, as mostly all the starters were held out. I have not seen any info that he was hurt, so I will assume it was a good thing he was held out of the game.
Dave Moore did play on kick coverage getting an assist and was the long snapper on most of the kicks and punts. More news on Dave’s situation later today, possibly not in a good way.

Charles Spencer did start at left tackle, as expected, and didn’t commit any penalties this game. Looks like Charles is getting more settled in his role as a starter.

New Orleans 9
Kansas City 10

Josh Lay played a good bit in this one, battling for that last roster spot with Anwar Philips. Josh got two tackles but did commit an illegal contact penalty. Philips seemed to play more though, with five tackles and an assist without committing any penalties. Look for updates here as they are available.

Kris Wilson played, but was only thrown to once for an incompletion.

Denver 29
Arizona 23

Larry Fitzgerald started and made one catch for 26 yards before exiting early with the starters.
Gerald Hayes seemed to play a lot more, starting and still being on the field to make a tackle in the 3rd quarter. Hayes finished up with three tackles, and committed a holding penalty on defense.

Brandon Miree did get in the game for Denver, but the only time the ball came his way was on an incomplete two-pointconversion attempt. Not a good sign for Brandon, although he may make the squad as a fullback.

New Wrap – Polite, Spencer, Goings

August 30, 2006

Just a couple short notes from around the web…

Lousaka Polite is Dallas‘ only fullback and he’s gotten some touches and good PT in the preseason, so it’s been widely assumed that he was a lock to make the team. This notebook type article is the first mention of “if” I’ve seen associated with Lou making the squad:

Parcells now views Lousaka Polite, who played fullback last year, as a utility player capable of 15-18 plays on offense and on special teams if he makes the final roster.

I assume that means Parcells doesn’t want to go with a real fullback. If I remember his other teams I don’t think he uses the FB much. Lousaka is considered one of the better young FB’s around the league, but a lot of temas don’t even use the FB anymore and very few carry more than one.

Charles Spencer will be one of the few starting linemen to play at all in the Texans‘ last preseason game Thursday, according to head coach Gary Kubiak:

Charles Spencer will definitely play, he’s a young kid and needs some time. He needs to get on the field, so he will definitely play.

Nick Goings was mentioned as one of Michael Smith’s reasons the Panthers are the deepest team in the NFL on

With the selection of DeAngelo Williams in the first round, they shouldn’t find themselves shorthanded at running back again this year. Brad Hoover, Jamal Robertson and Nick Goings all have performed well subbing for starter DeShaun Foster.

Petitti – swing tackle, trade bait or roster casualty?

August 30, 2006

PetittiThis could be one of the more confusing stories of the preseason regarding a Panther in the NFL. Rob Petitti has gone from the 16 game starter last season for the Dallas Cowboys to starting the preseason as the starting right tackle, to the backup at left tackle, to the swing tackle. According to different articles on the Cowboys’ official site today he could now be either the swing tackle, trade bait or just cut by the end of the week.

First, this article by Mickey Spagnola has Petitti as the swing tackle or trade bait:

At tackle he has Colombo or Fabini or Petitti, and now this McQuistan kid who he basically put on the roster here Tuesday during his media briefing.

Lastly, there are those five offensive tackles. This one is a hard call to make. Obviously Adams is one, and at the other end of the spectrum, McQuistan is two. After that, well, it’s the Tackle Tre, Colombo-Petitti-Fabini. Two would stay for sure, but three? Or might the Cowboys go looking for another?

“Based on the calls were getting on offensive linemen wanting some of ours,” Parcells said, “I’m not expecting too much to be out there.”

Wanting some of ours? Could someone want Marc Colombo, who has started the past two preseason games but has played little the past two years, or possibly Rob Petitti, who started 16 games last year but is working as the swing guy this year?

He is speaking of Bill Parcells there, who has been getting calls about multiple offensive linemen from other teams. This is suddenly an option for Rob, and it looks like if he does end up cut by Dallas he would have no problem finding another team.

Mercury News also has Parcells deciding whether or not to cut Petitti:

Marc Colombo appears to be the starter at right tackle and Flozell Adams at left tackle, when he’s healthy. Pat McQuistan is on the team, and Parcells isn’t sure whether he wants to cut Rob Petitti, an intelligent player who has physical limitations, or nine-year veteran Jason Fabini, who makes Parcells comfortable because he knows exactly what he’ll give him.

“I’m wrestling with that position,” Parcells said. “Wrestling with the numbers on the offensive line.”

Another article on the Cowboys’ official site has Petitti as the swing tackle for now. Parcells says that he only wants to dress three tackles for a game though, two starting and one “swing” tackle. Apparently he favors McQuistain to back up left tackle, but it doesn’t mention if he thinks that McQuistain can be a “swing tackle”:

The right tackle position isn’t exactly settled, either. In fact, Parcells has yet to announce a starter while Marc Colombo and Jason Fabini continue to battle for the job. Rob Petitti, who started all 16 games last season, began training camp as the first-team right tackle but moved to the left side, where his playing time has been limited in the first three preseason games.

All along, Parcells has suggested Petitti could be used as the “swing tackle,” able to back up both sides. Monday, Parcells said Petitti is working in that role and called it a good thing.

Parcells said he only expects to dress three offensive tackles in a regular-season game and since he hasn’t seen McQuistan play the right side, it’s unlikely the rookie would be active for a game, especially early in the season.

But on Tuesday, the coach was singing a slightly different tune, stating that McQuistan might have a chance now to back up Adams.

BUT Petitti isn’t really battling McQuistain, who Parcells said will be on the roster:

Parcells solidified his spot on the 53-man roster on Monday, stating other teams “would be on him like panthers” if the Cowboys waived him with hopes of re-signing him to the practice squad.

“Don’t worry, he’s staying,” Parcells said of McQuistan, who started last Saturday’s game at left tackle and is expected to start Thursday against an imposing Vikings defensive line. “He’s got that (defensive end) Erasmus James, so that’ll be a big test for him.”

So Petitti is battling Jason Fabini for the fourth tackle spot, which most likely won’t dress for most games this season. I’d have to think being traded or being released and catching on with another team would be best for Rob. It’s not that Parcell’s doesn’t like Petitti, it just seems he is enamored with McQuistain, a guy he drafted (See Kevan Barlow-Frank Gore-Mike Nolan), and coaches love to get guys they drafted to work in their systems.

Like I said…confusing. Will be interesting watching this one play out in the next week.

Saturday NFL Roundup

August 27, 2006

Five games featuring Panthers from Saturday night, Torrie Cox and Josh Lay with big nights at defensive back. Look for video of a lot of these plays soon. I’m out of town or there would have been video included in this post. 

Cleveland 20
Buffalo 17

Darnell Dinkins was the only Panther on either roster for this game after Buffalo dropped Matt Morgan last week. Dinkins did play in the game but had no balls thrown to him and committed no penalties. He is expected to make the team as the third tight end.

Indianapolis 27
New Orleans 14

Josh Lay had a more eventful game for New Orleans, and it started on the opening kickoff when Josh tackled the returner. In the fourth quarter Lay picked off a Shaun King pass and returned it 24 yards. The Colts had been driving to score again when Josh picked off the pass. This has to help Josh make the team as a special teams player and as a dime defensive back. We will be updating this week as cuts are made.

San Francisco 7
Dallas 17

Antonio Bryant was made into somewhat of the story heading into this game, facing off against Bill Parcels, whom he had thrown a jersey at when he played on the Cowboys, before being traded to the Browns. Bryant was thrown to 5 times for two catches for 24 yards. He also made a tackle on a ball thrown to him that was intercepted.

Andy Lee, as reported here again yesterday, is battling for his punting job. Unlike last week when Andy got the majority of the punts, this week he had two punts for 78 yards while his competition Rouen got three punts and put all three inside the 20. I still think Lee wins his job, but this game did not help at all. Look back here for updates early this week as teams go into cuts.

For Dallas, Rob Petitti did not start as we thoguht he might. He did play in the game, though I’m not sure what the split between right and left tackle was. This has been a hard story to follow, as Rob has gone from a virtual lock for the right tackle spot to third string right tackle, to being the team’s “Swing tackle” and then yesterday it seemed he is back in the battle for the right tackle spot. I think eventually he will be the swing tackle, backing up both right and left.

Lousaka Polite did play at fullback as usual, getting only one carry for four yards. He is Dallas’ only fullback.

Tampa Bay 18
Jacksonville 19

First of all, that is one of the weirdest football scores I have ever seen.

Torrie Cox didn’t start for Tampa Bay, but was in on the second defensive play to make a tackle on Fred Taylor. He is a lock to make this team as a nickel or dime back. Torrie also had a pass defensed on a really nice play downfield later in the game. He finished with three solo tackles, one assist and a pass defensed.

One area Torrie hasn’t got to show off his skills much this preseason has been returning kicks. He made the most of his opportunity though, returning the opening kickoff of the second half for 49 yards. Hopefully he gets more and more chances to return kicks, as Pitt fans know how good he can be in that role.

Dave Moore handled all of the long-snapping duties, and he will make the team in that role.

St Louis 12
Kansas City 16

Kris Wilson was in on some two and three tight end sets and as the main tight end later in the game, but only had one ball thrown his way for an incompletion. Kris will make the Chiefs roster as their third tight end.