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NFL Week 2 Wrap-Up

September 20, 2007

OK this is extremely late, but it’s just been a really hectic week.

Indianapolis Colts 22
Tennessee Titans 20

Clint Session saw action on special teams, in what I believe was his first time on the field for a regular season game. He got his name in the gamebook about as quickly as possible, assisting on a tackle on the opening kickoff. Unfortunately that’s the last we heard from him. At least his team is 2-0.

Houston Texans 34
Carolina Panthers 21

Nick Goings got his action returning kicks Sunday. He had 5 returns for 101 yards, for a nice 20 yard average and a long of 29. Pretty good day. Oh wait, there was that fumble. Some Carolina fans (by some I mean most fans on Carolina message boards) are blaming Nick for a large part of the loss. I think that’s overreaction, but here’s what happened. After their first possession of the second half Houston went up 24-14. Goings takes the kick and the Panthers are looking to answer and stay in the game. Instead he fumbles and it’s ran in for a touchdown by Houston…31-14…ballgame. Houston seemed to be moving the ball well on Carolina anyways, and there’s no way to say Carolina could have gotten back to within three on that drive…but Nick looks like the goat in Carolina.

San Francisco 49ers 17
St Louis Rams 14

Shawntae Spencer had another pretty decent game as the nickel back for the 49ers, with 4 tackles and a pass defensed.

Of course as punter for the 49ers, everyday is a busy day. Andy Lee had 8 punts and put 4 of them inside the 20 with only one touchback. He averaged over 41 yards per punt, and he was obviously placing a good number of those punts so he wasn’t just booming away.

Cincinnatti Bengals 45
Cleveland Browns 51

First of all, this game was awesome…love seeing the Bengals lose to the Browns. Darnell Dinkins played on special teams and finished with two tackles, one solo. He also returned a kick as an up man for 11 yards.

Seattle Seahawks 20
Arizona Cardinals 23

Larry Fitzgerald had a pretty active day catching the football but still didn’t get in the end zone. He finished with 7 catches for 87 yards, giving him over 21 yards per catch.

Gerald Hayes had a decent day as well with 7 tackles, 6 of them being solos. He didn’t get creditfor a forced fumble in the official stats, but anyone watching knows Hayes made one of the biggest plays of the game. With the game tied and less than two minutes to play Hayes disrupted a handoff in the backfield that led to a fumble and the Cardinals getting the ball at the Seahawk 36. That set up Neil Rackers for the game winning field goal. The one knock on Hayes is that he isn’t in the backfield much and doesn’t get sacks. Hopefully we see a lot more plays out of Hayes like that this season.

Kansas City Chiefs 10
Chicago Bears 20

Ruben Brown had a typical day for a lineman – only in the stats when things go bad. He picked up a holding penalty in the fourth and had a tackl when Chicago was intercepted earlier in the game.

Kris Wilson got his second NFL start at fullback  for the Chiefs, and it went better than his first game. He ended up with 4 catches for 34 yards. And no fumbles. Was still a weird day for Kris though, as after the first half of play he had 2 catches for 35 yards, including a catch and run for 31 yards. In the second half he had 2 catches for -1 yards.

New York Jets 13
Baltimore Ravens 20

Darrelle Revis got his second NFL start in as many games for the Jets. He finished nicely with 6 tackles, 5 solo and 2 passes defensed.

Hank Poteat also saw playing time for the Jets, but had no tackles.


Palko and the “Truck Stick”

September 14, 2007

I have to admit I have no idea what a “Truck Stick” is…but Cracked Femur has it’s top 5 offensive hits ever dealt in college football. Palko running over that BC Safety in the YouTube video below is number 2. Check out the whole list because Iron Head Heyward makes the list as well.

I know this has nothing to do with Palko being in the pros, but any excuse to watch this video again seems good enough for me.

Extra credit for someone who can explain to me what a Truck Stick is and how it’s relevant to the list they put up.

NFL Week 1 Wrap-Up

September 11, 2007

Each week here at PITP we will be recapping all of the games that Panther Alumns took part in. Let’s get moving on week one after the jump


HB Blades getting some love in Miami

September 8, 2007

hb bladesThe Palm Beach Post has a piece on HB Blades this morning, because the Dolphins play Washington tomorrow in their season opener. Blades is a South Florida native, coming out of Plantation High.

Oddly enough the article starts out with a kind of backhanded compliment from Coach Wannstedt:

“It’s funny. His dad is taller and faster, but you could see his dad’s instincts in him,” Wannstedt said.

The article goes on to talk about his father Bennie Blades and HB making his college choice with a purpose: to make a name for himself on his own, not in his father’s shadow at the University of Miami. There is a lot of talk about his relationship with his father and his uncles, growing up with his grandparents…for a kid who grew up with a father who was making Pro Bowls, you’d think HB would have had a great childhood. That isn’t the case, and to this day he doesn’t speak much to his father:

H.B., who will make his off-season home in Washington, said he doesn’t speak to his father often.

“I tell people all the time he’s learned from all the mistakes we’ve made over the years,” said Bennie Blades, now a dean of students at the Academy of Coral Springs, a private school for at-risk children.

Though H.B.’s relationship with Bennie and Brian was strained, he had a strong bond with uncle Al Blades, his mentor who was seven years older. Al Blades sat next to H.B. in 2003 when he signed a letter of intent to play at Pitt.

HB will be playing special teams tomorrow for Washington and will be the backup at all three linebacker positions. Playing behind London Fletcher, you can’t expect to see him much but he’s lucky to be learning under a very good middle linebacker. In a couple of seasons it’s easy to think that HB will be starting somewhere on that Washington defense.

Rumors…and an apology

September 8, 2007

Let’s start with an apology. Sorry to Tyler Palko for missing his big move on Thursday. I was writing this article on who was still on NFL teams while he was being moved up to the 53 man roster of the Saints. I listed him as on the Practice Squad, but he was on his way up to the 3rd QB spot that night against the Colts. So Congrats to Tyler, even if it’s a little late.

As for the rumor, there seems to be a lot of talk going around that the Cowboys are looking for another wide receiver especially with Terry Glenn still hobbling around. One of the main names that seems to keep coming up in these discussions is former Cowboy Antonio Bryant. One thing that could hurt Bryant though is that he’d have to serve a two game suspension that is still pending when he gets back.

Just one other small thing, Lousaka Polite gets a mention in the Chicago Tribune in a notes column about being the newest Bear:

Fullback Lousaka Polite,whom the Bears signed to the 53-man roster this week, has blended in without much fanfare—not that he was expecting any.

“It’s a relief, considering I just got released [by Dallas] a couple of days before,” Polite said.

“I like the vibe. I like the team. I can’t wait to do my best to help out.”

Polite isn’t totally unfamiliar with the Bears. He has had numerous phone conversations with starting fullback Jason McKie because both have the same marketing agent.

A New (To Me) Pitt Blog

September 7, 2007

Not sure how many of you visit my blog, let alone other pitt blogs. I assume more visit other Pitt blogs than mine. I read the ones on the right, which now include The Cat Basket. It appears to be written by three students currently at Pitt, and they must not go to class much because they post like crazy (at least compared to this blog, run by one guy who works way too much).

That’s all…just check them out. Everyone who reads about Pitt football should know about Pitt Blather, and almost everyone who wants to know about Pitt football probably knows about Gorman’s blog. Cat Basket just seemed like a newer and slightly more obscure Pitt blog, and I wanted to give them a plug.

Revis vs Brady

September 7, 2007

Darrelle Revis

The Star-Ledger has a story talking about rookie Darrelle Revis being targeted by the Patriots in the season opener this Sunday. Revis may start if Andre Davis is still hurting, but if not he will be the starting nickel back and will see plenty of time on the field.

If Revis starts he’ll be going up against either Randy Moss or Dante Stallworth. Ouch. If he’s playing nickel back he’ll most likely be on Wes Welker, not exactly an easy assignment either. Talk about being thrown right into the fire. Revis of course is saying all the right things:

“It (targeting him) might be in their game plan and it might not,” Revis said on Monday. “My focus is to go out there and play the defense that’s called and work with my teammates. I expect to be picked on. That’s what is going to be in my brain. I’m a rookie. They’re going to try to find things and go after me.”

Slowing down this explosive passing offense is one of the biggest reasons the Jets traded up to get Revis, who was considered the top cornerback in the draft.

“I just thank the Jets organization for believing in me, bumping up in the draft to come and get me,” Revis said. “Now, I just want to contribute to the team and play team football.”

So, to sum things up. He’s drafted by a team from New York, to stop a certain teams’ offense, who happens to be the first team they play, and who also happened to pick up Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth and Wes Welker in the off season…oh and that team also has this guy named Tom Brady at quarterback. No pressure.

We’ll be watching this one closely to say the least and will have plenty of reactions after the game Sunday.


September 6, 2007

That was went through my head when I saw this post at Kissing Suzy Kolber previewing the Dallas Cowboys.  Apparently the author hates Louuuuuuuuu for a perfectly justifiable reason:

Lousaka Polite once cut in front of me at The O. It’s no wonder the Cowboys cut him the other day.

Oh and Lou’s picture graces the post…the same picture we used for his headshot in our banner above (bottom-right-ish).

That’s all…just was surprised to see Lou’s picture on another blog, especially on a post previewing a team he doesn’t even play for anymore.

Here are your Panthers that are STILL in the Pros

September 6, 2007

Since I missed last weekends NFL cut downs since I was on vacation, I’m just going to do a brief summary before the NFL season kicks off tonight of what former Panthers are still on NFL rosters. These break into three categories: Starters, Bench Players and Practice Squaders. See the list after the jump, since this would be a pretty long post if it wasn’t broken up.


Gerald Hayes – Defensive Captain, soon Pro Bowler

September 6, 2007

Gerald Hayes

Ok so he’s a co-captain and no one has said he’s making the Pro Bowl except him…but congrats to Hayes is well-deserved. The Cardinals team voted for its three captains on Wednesday. The defensive players choose the defensive captain (makes sense I guess), but there was a tie in the voting between Adrian Wilson (Pro Bowl Safety) and our very own Gerald Hayes. Coach Whisenhunt had lots of compliments for Hayes for his conditioning, play and leadership:

Whisenhunt said he is excited to have Hayes in a leadership role.

“It means a lot to him, and I think that’s showing on the field,” Whisenhunt said.

Hayes is coming off a career year after leading the Cardinals with 111 tackles and three interceptions last season.

Whisenhunt said Hayes has been playing better than he had expected and was impressed with the hard work he put in, in trimming down and reshaping his body in the offseason.

Hayes seems to see this as his next step towards being a premier player in the NFL, and he already has his eye on being considered one of the league’s best:

Hayes is coming off a career year after leading the Cardinals with 111 tackles and three interceptions last season.

Hayes said seeing “the big picture” has been his motivation, and he is shooting for a Pro Bowl honor this season.

“Every player should want to be the best at their position and be named the best,” Hayes said.

That all starts of course on Monday night in prime time against the 49ers and Frank Gore, who should be a good early test for the Hayes-led Cardinals defense:

Hayes said they expect the 49ers’ power running game to be in full force with running back Frank Gore scheduled to be in the lineup.

“It’ll be a big test for us, and I’m sure we are going to do pretty good.

That gamecan be seen on ESPN’s Monday Night Football starting at 10:15. Sounds like some of us are going to need to call off of work on Tuesday.