Q&A With Shawntae Spencer

I know we’ve had a lot of these Q&A articles up lately, but as long as people keep writing them we pretty much have to keep linking to them.

This one is from the hometown Pittsburgh Tribune Review, done with San Francisco 49er Shawntae Spencer. The article showed up in today’s Trib, but I assume it was done while Spencer was in town playing the Steelers over the weekend.

Spencer is a 4th-year corner, and apparently he only speaks in cliches after his experience giving interviews for the last four years. The interview is one of the most boring I’ve read, that might be due to the questions, but Spencer doesn’t really say anything interesting. Here are a few highlights:

Q: What were the emotions like to return to play at Heinz Field?

A: “Nothing major. It’s the same as any other game. You approach it the same, whether you are away or at home. You come in and focus and try to do the best you can.”

Q: What are some of your fondest recollections of playing at Woodland Hills?

A: “It’s just the all-around good group of guys. Good coaching staff. Good people. They’ve changed a lot of people’s lives, helping them get into college and things like that. The whole staff at Woodland Hills, they are good at that and that’s the most important thing that they stress is getting guys to college and helping to change their lives around.”

Q: Were you a Steelers fan growing up in Western Pennsylvania?

A: “I really wasn’t a fan to any NFL team. I was a die-hard Reggie White fan. Whoever Reggie was playing for, that’s who I was rooting for.”


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