Mark Blount Trade Bait?

The Minnesota Star-Tribune is suggesting that Mark Blount and some other veterans on the Timberwolves may be traded before the trade deadline this season. They also suggest that team Vice President Kevin McHale has been trying to deal the vets on the team for a few months, but hasn’t had any success so far:

The team’s youth movement — eight players are 25 years old or younger — makes veterans Trenton Hassell, Juwan Howard, Ricky Davis, Mark Blount and Marko Jaric potential trade candidates, either by the Nov. 2 season opener against Denver or the February trading deadline.

Wolves Vice President of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale said he talked to other teams all summer about deals that would further transform his team, but called September “a slow, slow, slow month” while potential trading partners discuss options with other teams and contemplate the $67 million-plus salary cap.

“We have three or four deals that are just laying around,” McHale said. “Teams are like, ‘If we can do this, we’ll do that.’ At a certain point between now and Nov. 2, they’re going to get their things in order.”

Sounds like just a matter of time until Mark or some of the other vets on the TWolves are moved.

NBA Training camp is right around the corner, if you can’t tell from us now adding NBA Pitt alumni to our daily searches.


2 Responses to “Mark Blount Trade Bait?”

  1. Sad Says:

    This PA paper sticks it to WVU, calls them for what they are: “the butt of a national joke”:

  2. hilarygreene17502 Says:

    Hi, I stumbled over this awesome picture and would like to use it in a sermon. Is that o.k.? Or do i violate a copy right? Its for the easter service Click

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