The Steelers or All Sports As We Know It?

This is totally off-topic, which might become slightly more the norm around here (hey we’ve had over 125 posts on this blog and I don’t think we’ve ever been more than slightly off topic, so we need to loosen up a bit). Doubt About it has a pretty interesting poll going on, with the expected results so far from yinzers.

The premise of the poll is you have to choose: For one year you would have to banish, exile, not mention, destroy, forget, etc… either the Steelers or basically ALL OTHER SPORTS. Of course as I write this the Steelers are winning by 20%. I don’t understand this, as the Steelers play 16 games per year. The Pens alone play at least 82 games a year, 41 at home. And then you add in Pitt basketball and Pitt and Penn State football (WVU was pardoned somehow) and even the Pirates and you’re looking at around 15 times as many games as the Steelers give you. I just don’t see how you can choose the Steelers, but this is Pittsburgh I guess.



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