Congrats to Andy Lee

Andy Lee is having a very busy season. He’s also having the best season of any punter in the NFL. I know we’re only reaching the quarter mark of the season this weekend, but for a guy with the most punts in the NFL some of these stats (the ones that are averages) are even more impressive.

Currently Lee leads the entire NFL in these categories:

Punts (19)
Punting Yards (898)
Net Punting Yards (793)
Net Average Yards (41.7 – need at least 12 punts to qualify)

And he is close to the top in these:

Longest Single Punt (71 yards, second overall)
Average Yards (47.3, second among qualifiers)

And here is probably the most amazing stat. Andy has punted 19 times this year, including the 71 yarder. His punts have been returned for a total of 5 yards. FIVE YARDS. He does have 6 inside the 20, 5 touchbacks and 2 fair catches, but he basically has been killing the ball and doing it in a way that his coverage team has an excellent chance of giving up no return yards at all. Teams are currently averaging 9.5 INCHES of return per punt from Lee.


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