Another Q&A With Larry Fitzgerald

This interview from Pro Football Weekly actually took place before the rumor mills started about Larry wanting out of Arizona at the end of the season. So while that isn’t directly addressed, Larry doesn’t give the impression he is extremely unhappy…but he doesn’t seem extremely happy either. He’s basically just saying the right things the whole time, so you can take that as truth or as just athlete interview speak.

Go ahead to the link above to read the interview, but it doesn’t offer a lot of insight on whether or not Larry is really happy. It does give a look at how his relationship with Leinart and Boldin has grown though, and that may be a factor in him staying in Arizona.


3 Responses to “Another Q&A With Larry Fitzgerald”

  1. Sportsattitude Says:

    The Cardinals are gonna have issues keeping everyone happy now that they’re actually trying to win games by controlling the clock and running the ball to set up their passing, rather than throwing on every down from behind a bunch as is their history. Attitude adjustments will be needed all the way around for them to break through and make the playoffs.

  2. Adam Says:

    And now with the sure to be controversy over Warner’s great performance today, who knows what will happen. If they stick with Warner, he can spread the ball around and if I remember when he was the everyday QB he and Fitz hooked up a lot.

  3. Sportsattitude Says:

    I could not believe they pulled Leinart, but there is no doubt Warner can still play if they give him time to progress through all his reads, etc. I don’t know what Leinart will make of all this but the receivers probably will be happy. Fitz and Boldin put up some huge numbers with Kurt in the past.

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