Larry Fitzgerald Leaving Arizona?

Pro Football Talk in its Rumor Mill post from yesterday speculates on Fitz leaving Arizona after his contract expires. Apparently he isn’t happy with Coach Whisenhunt’s run-first approach, and it’s impact has showed in his stats through the first two games. Those number probably won’t get too much better against the Ravens this week.

It’s basically stated that the rumor is pretty strong that Fitzgerald wants out after his contract, and with Anquan Boldin also needing paid, the Cards just can’t afford Larry. So instead of losing him for nothing a trade may be in the works. I’ve heard possible teams that would be interested as Seattle (would they really trade him to a division rival? I think not), Philadelphia and Minnesota. PFT mentions only Minnesota, being Larry’s hometown, as making the most sense. Minnesota could be an exciting offense for Fitzgerald with Adrian Peterson and a young QB. He’d definitely be the #1 receiver there, but I’d really like to see him go to an AFC team on the East Coast so that we could see him more often.

In another Cardinals-related note, after some statistic corrections following Sunday’s win over Seattle Gerald Hayes was credited with his first forced fumble of the season. After watching the game on NFL Replay yesterday I was pretty amazed he didn’t get a forced fumble, and it’s good to see this correction was made.


15 Responses to “Larry Fitzgerald Leaving Arizona?”

  1. starbuck007 Says:

    I believe there is now way that Larry Fitzgerald woudl leave Arizona and it would be great to see the ball boy for Randy Moss and Chris Carter but he is Arizonas number one reciever and he makes an impact on that team period, not taking anything from Antion but with out Fitz Arizona is back to losing games brutaly again he is able to take the double coverage and still make plays, and it is also my belief he is have a slow start with Linehart at the helm once they get into sync they will be a much better football team with “Edge” picking up the running back slack. There is no way they will make it to the superbowl but they have a great chance to make the playoffs in a weak division.

  2. Adam Says:

    I really hope he doesn’t leave Arizona, unless it’s for an East Coast team for selfish reasons. I think with the core of young players they have though, we’ll bee seeing them plenty on tv as the NFL will really want to showcase their exciting offense in a few years if they stay together.

    The only part that is troubling is it isn’t Arizona that wants him to leave, from the rumor it is Larry himself who wants out. And that would mean the Cards would have no say in the matter once his contract is up.

  3. Marquis Chapman Says:

    Larry to Dallas?

  4. Adam Says:

    Who’d have thought there’d be a Panther in Dallas and it not be Antonio Bryant? Not sure of TO’s contract length there, but it might work out that TO leaves Dallas and Fitz takes his place, who knows.

  5. starbuck007 Says:

    No way LOL fortunatley me being a dallas fan sorry to say I will take T.O. in Dallas over Larry Fitz, and right now T.O. is happy, dallas is happy, and as soon as our defense gels a little bit and get Tank Johnson in at tackle and hopefully Greg Ellis comes back we are sitting at the top of the NFC. Their offensive line is big and nasty and every team they have faced this year they have worn them down like a sanding grinder against particle board its almost scary and nuts at the same time. Who has ever heard of wearing out the Bears defense…. that was insane.

  6. ronelson Says:

    Larry Fitzgerald to Minnesota would make the most sence and would help the vikings terrible wide receiver situation out. Moss, Rice, Peterson, and a 1st round quarterback in the 2008 draft would shut those annoying cowboy fans up for the 2008 season.

  7. BigMoInAZ Says:

    I love all these speculations, what I hate is when there is no mention of the players contract and just when it expires or based on the final numbers, what it would likely take to work a trade out based on his current contract!

    Anyone have Larry’s actual player contract numbers, years, signing bonuses, et all? I know USA has a great database, but what they don’t have is a break down of that players contract in full!

    Anyone want to help a guy out to an area I can find that info on Fitz?


  8. Pelo Says:

    8/2/2004: Signed a six-year, $60 million contract. The deal includes $20.4 million in guarantees. 2007: $3.58 million, 2008: $1.0925 million, 2009: $1.355 million, 2010: Free Agent

  9. Marc Says:

    TRUST ME!!! If Larry leaves Arizona he will be coming to philadelphia!! We are a proven winning team with a great reciever and he is equiped to only get better!! LARRY IS COMING TO PHILLY WOAA!!

  10. Dan Says:

    Larry Fitzgerald to Minnesota would make sooo much more sense. Hes from Minnesota and he would be just what the vikings need with adrian peterson and Tarvaris Jackson. The vikings need to get rid of Troy Williamson because he has done nothing but drop passes for Tarvaris. Fitz to Minnesota!

  11. David Says:

    Fitz WILL be coming to Pittsburgh.

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  13. Reggie kush Says:

    he needs to get out of that disgrace of team arizona. ever since kurt warner retired arizona has a joke of quarterbacks and i see them decline once again like 3 years ago

  14. Reggie kush Says:

    Fitzgerald to N.Y. Giants!!!!!!!!!

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