Darrelle Revis – Not Your Typical Rookie

Darrelle Revis

Scout.com has a nice feature on rookie Darrelle Revis and his early success as the new starting corner for the Jets.

Revis talks about working out while holding out so that he was ready to step in when he finally arrived:

“It’s something that I put on myself when I wasn’t here in the holdout.” Revis said of the obligation he felt toward grasping the playbook. “I stayed on my game, worked hard, and did what I had to do. So when I came back I wouldn’t let my teammates down.”

Revis is actually the stronger of the two corners on the Jets, and in reality he’s one of the best players on their defense:

It’s a well known fact that a young cornerback is usually viewed as easy prey for an offensive coordinator. Quarterbacks have been known to salivate at the opportunity to take advantage of an inexperienced DB. For some inexplicable reason, this has not been the case. It’s Revis’s counterpart, David Barrett, that seems to be the marked man.

“I don’t know if I earned that much respect.” Revis said. “Right now, I don’t really focus on that. I just focus on playing, and doing my job. If they come at me, I have to be ready to play. If they don’t, I still have to do other things. I have to play nickel and dime, and do other things on defense to help the team win.”

Teams are still throwing at him, as seen when he covered TO in week 1, but not as much as they usually do with rookie corners. I think that shows what a special player Revis really is, other teams don’t need to test him to find out that he’s the real deal; it’s obvious from watching film that he is.

So far this season Revis has 13 tackles (10 solo) and 2 passes defensed. He also dropped what could have been a very nice interception on Sunday. That theoretically (it’s very early, we know) puts him on pace for around 104 tackles (80 solo), 16 passes defensed and probably 2 picks. That would be a pretty awesome rookie year and although it’s unlikely, as bad as the Jets’ offense is and as much time as he’ll be spending on the field thanks to the rest of the Jets’ defense sucking…it is possible.


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