Dan Marino isn’t just losing weight, he’s losing records

Peter King has an article up this morning about Brett Favre’s pursuit of three of Marino’s passing records. Favre has played one less season than Marino has, and as long as he stays healthy he’s pretty much a lock to accomplish this. He already took over Marino in career completions last year, here’s where he stands on the next three records:

the 135 pass attempts, seven touchdown passes and 3,862 passing yards he needed to break Marino’s career records (8,358 attempts, 420 TDs and 61,361 yards)

King goes on to say that because of Marino’s lack of a championship these records mean even more to him. That makes sense I guess. Even if Favre wasn’t this close, Peyton Manning will most likely pass most of these records before he’s done anyways. I’d recommend taking a look at the article though, if for nothing other than the stat tables at he bottom. That 62,608 passing yards record Marino has is one of the most impressive numbers you’ll ever see in sports, just because it’s such a huge number.


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