HB Blades getting some love in Miami

hb bladesThe Palm Beach Post has a piece on HB Blades this morning, because the Dolphins play Washington tomorrow in their season opener. Blades is a South Florida native, coming out of Plantation High.

Oddly enough the article starts out with a kind of backhanded compliment from Coach Wannstedt:

“It’s funny. His dad is taller and faster, but you could see his dad’s instincts in him,” Wannstedt said.

The article goes on to talk about his father Bennie Blades and HB making his college choice with a purpose: to make a name for himself on his own, not in his father’s shadow at the University of Miami. There is a lot of talk about his relationship with his father and his uncles, growing up with his grandparents…for a kid who grew up with a father who was making Pro Bowls, you’d think HB would have had a great childhood. That isn’t the case, and to this day he doesn’t speak much to his father:

H.B., who will make his off-season home in Washington, said he doesn’t speak to his father often.

“I tell people all the time he’s learned from all the mistakes we’ve made over the years,” said Bennie Blades, now a dean of students at the Academy of Coral Springs, a private school for at-risk children.

Though H.B.’s relationship with Bennie and Brian was strained, he had a strong bond with uncle Al Blades, his mentor who was seven years older. Al Blades sat next to H.B. in 2003 when he signed a letter of intent to play at Pitt.

HB will be playing special teams tomorrow for Washington and will be the backup at all three linebacker positions. Playing behind London Fletcher, you can’t expect to see him much but he’s lucky to be learning under a very good middle linebacker. In a couple of seasons it’s easy to think that HB will be starting somewhere on that Washington defense.


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