Larry Fitzgerald is a superstar


At least if you have an Alltell phone he is. I wanted to post this last month when I first heard about it but could never find an actual link to it. Each Wednesday there will be a podcast from Larry that you can get a code to access with your Alltell phone. Here are the instructions I could find:

Watch his weekly podcast @ The podcast launches every Wednesday and is available only to Alltel customers until it’s released to the public on Friday thru RSS feeds.

These further instructions are from the above website:

You need a passcode to enter Larry Fitzgerald’s “Circle Only” web site. To unlock this site and get exclusive access to Larry’s weekly podcast, dial #Larry11 from your Alltel Wireless phone. The call is free and automatically enters you to win great prizes including Cardinals tickets, autographed memorabilia and VIP treatment for you and your circle of 10 friends. Plus, Larry will call one lucky fan each week. Don’t forget to call back every Wednesday for the weekly passcode.

So, if you have an Alltell phone, it might be worth checking out. If you don’t, you can still have Larry pitch products to you. According to Brandweek, EAS,  maker of sports supplements, recently started a campaign including Larry:

Abbott Labs’ EAS, Golden, Colo., whose nutrition and dietary supplements have NFL approval, will feature players in a season-long print campaign, via The Brainstorm Group, Denver, in such pubs as ESPN, The Sporting News and Men’s Fitness. Team EAS includes NFLers Matt Hasselback, Carlos Rogers, Larry Fitzgerald, Ronnie Brown and Vernon Davis. Tag: “Join the team. Use what the pros use.”

I thought I had seen Larry in a magazine ad for EAS a year or so ago, but I honestly can’t remember.  If you’re in a “pub” during the football season, which I’d think most of us are pretty regularly, look for Mr. Fitzgerald on the wall. On a side note, I don’t see how advertising sports supplements to drunk guys with beer bellies will go over, but whatever floats your boat.


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