VIDEO: Michigan State @ Pitt Highlights

After some computer/time troubles, we’re back and should be blogging as usual again. These highlights have been waiting since Sunday to go up, so let’s get to it.

Again please remember these are PITT highlights, and in a game like this those were few and far between (like the 1st quarter and the last play of the game). If there are any plays that aren’t here that you want to see just leave a comment and I’ll have it up within a day. I keep the recordings of the games until the next game is played.

Pitt started off fast on their first drive after stopping MSU. The highlight of that first drive was probably this diving reception by Derek Kinder:

More highlights after the jump:

The drive almost ended in a touchdown on this screen pass to Larod Stephens-Howlings, but it was called back on an illegal shift. Hopefully we see a lot of these types of screens to LSH this year:

The Panthers ended up kicking a field goal to take the early 3-0 lead. Pitt’s next drive ended in a Tyler Palko interception, but on the Spartan’s next play HB Blades got the ball back for Pitt:

LSH quickly got in the end zone, this time running the ball around the left side, for his first career touchdown and Pitt led 10-0:


Michigan State had a great second quarter and tied the game up at 10-10 with under a minute to go in the half. TJ Porter was one step away from putting Pitt back in the lead with this kick return. Somehow TJ was caught from behind by a tight end:

The second half was pretty much a disaster for Pitt. I couuld show 15 straight clips of MSU running the option to the left for big gains. But like I said these are PITT highlights. I am making something of an exception here though. This Palko INT came after the game was already in hand 31-10 for MSU, but I feel like it is very telling of a certain player and his heralded athletic ability that seems to disappear when it matters. Check out the two inch vertical on the player some Pitt fans are obsessed with saying is one of our most athletic. This is the kind of throw that if it’s caught, announcers say the QB put it where only his guy could get it:

After a 99 yard drive made it 38-10 MSU, Palko was still in the game for some reason (I guess Pitt doesn’t have young players who need some PT) and threw this meaningless TD to Steve Buches, who makes a pretty good catch:

At least Pitt ended things on some good notes, and the last play of the game was one of them. Derek Kinder with another touchdown from Palko. Kinder has scored in all three games this season, and this one made it look a little more respectable at 38-23:

This MSU fan sent me a note that he has the ENTIRE MSU @ Pitt game on Youtube, split into the four quarters. I’ll link them here. I’m going to look into doing this for our next game that isn’t on ESPNU:

MSU @ PITT 1st Quarter 

MSU @ PITT 2nd Quarter 

MSU @ PITT 3rd Quarter

MSU @ PITT 4th Quarter


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