Hank Poteat released by New England, picked up by New York

Hank Poteat, as good punt returners do, slipped by me this preseason so far. Noticed him on the wire today though…He was released by the Patriots on Wednesday:

Another mild surprise release was cornerback Hank Poteat. Poteat first joined New England in the 2004 postseason, was waived and then resigned midseason in 2005 — around the time of Tedy Bruschi’s return. His versatility as a defender and a kick returner were key factors in the team’s decision to resign him this past offseason.

Hank Poteat

Patsfans.com seemed to think he’d be picked up by another team:

The big one was Hank Poteat, who has been with the team parts of the last two years. If he is not picked up by another team, I am sure if a DB is needed late in the season, he will be first to get a call.

And today it seems he has been, as reported by the Jets’ scout.com site:

While the team hasn’t announced this yet, they have signed former New England cornerback Hank Poteat, who was waived by the Patriots earlier this week

Good for Hank, and an apology to all of his fans out there for us missing him so far this preseason. We’ll be updating his progress with the Jets for the rest of the season.


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